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Over the years I have produced a number of photographic images for various publications. Some of the images were used for covers of peiodicals, others were for brochures and advertisments. In each case, I worked closely with an art director to achieve the end result. Below are a few examples of my published photographs.

Lutheran Women's Quartely 2012

Early in 2012, I was contacted to do a portrait of Mrs Kathy Harrison wife of Rev. Dr. Matthew Harrison, President of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. The art director and Kathy decided that they wanted informal portrait taken in Kathy's home rather than one taken in a studio. Several portraits in different areas of the home were taken but the one chosen for publication was the one shown on the left.

The image includes both interior and exterior elements and the warm tone of the kitchen cabinets adds to the casualness of the environment of their home.

Kathy and her husband have traveled extensively and have brought back many "keep sakes" from these trips. A couple of them can be seen on the windowsill in the background.

"Music to The Ears" Article 2008

Rev. Jon Vieker, then Assistant Director LCMS Commission on Worship, asked me to do a series of photos of a special music event they were having at St. Paul Lutheran Church, Des Peres, Missouri. The photos were used in an article for The Lutheran Witness titled "Music to The Ears" written by Jill Plummer Krull and published in the August 2008 issue. You can view the entire article here.

During the event, I moved from location to location in the sanctuary caputuring numerous images of the various activities. The images for the article were selected by the editor and set into the layout.

Even though I was there as a "professional photographer" I really enjoyed the choirs and the music presented in this service.

Lutheran Witness 2005

In 2005 Don Folkemer, then Managing Editor of The Lutheran Witness, asked me to do an image for the cover of an upcoming issue. We discussed the visual concept that he wanted in the final image. The location was the campus of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. The visual concept was to capture a casual conversation between a student and professor in an out door setting. Don made all the arrangements and we went to the Seminary for the photo shoot. A location was selected and the professor and student sat on a park bench and began their conversation. A number of images were captured using different lighting setups. Using digital allowed Don and I to see the images immediately after they were taken thus saving time for everyone involved.

LCMS Blind Mission

One of the most interesting photo shoots I ever had was the one I did for LCMS World Mission, Lutheran Mission with Blind Persons. The art director wanted to show the Braille impressions on the paper and a person's hands reading the words on a page.

Because they wanted a number of images, a weekly Bible study with blind persons participating at a nearby congregation was chosen as the location for the photo shoot. Lights were setup and a number of image captures were made from various perspectives to communicate the art director's visualized concepts. One image was selected and published in the brochure (left) and others were used in other publications.

While I was photographing, the participants were envolved in a lively discussion related to their personal lives and the study of God's Word.

Samples of Other Images Published

Over the years a number of my images have been published in worship folders, advertisements, church directories, brochures and other materials by a variety of publishers such as, MWM Dexter, Warner Press, Augsburg-Fortress, Concordia Publishing House, The United Methodist Publishing House, Eastman Kodak Company, Liturgical Publications, Creative Communications for the Parish and more. The slide show is only a sampling of the many images published. If you are interested in using any of these or other images, see my Stock Image Portfolio.

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