Lanzotti and Rau LLC Office Wall Project

L & R Office Building
Exterior of the Lanzotti and Rau office building in Cape Garardeau - Dan's area is the entire second floor.

Main Workroom before metal prints were hung on the walls.

Main Workroom with waterfall group hung on the wall

Group of four water fall photos Measures 38" tall by 38" wide. The images are so clear and sharp you feel if you get too close you will get wet.

Main Workroom opposite side of the room. Two 20" by 30" metal prints

Conference Room East Wall - St Louis Skyline - 30" by 60" metal print

Waiting Room before prints are hung

Waiting Room with "Fall Drive" three 30" by 30" metal prints split group and "Seasons of Missouri" Four 16" by 24" metal prints
Seasons of Missouri group - Each print is 16" by 24"

Waithing Room - West wall. 24" by 30" Milky Way over Rocky Creek Falls. (Note: the oval object at the top of the print is a reflection, not a UFO.)

Hanging the prints using 3M Command Strips

Sierra "rolling" over 3M Command strips to secure them to the wall.

Used a laser level to insure each print was hung level. Bryon holds the level as we adjust it.

Lifting the 30" by 60" pano to place it on the wall.