Graphic Design Services by Chris Roth

Rau Imaging is excited to offer graphic design services from Chris Roth.

logo designed by Chris RothChris is a creative, energetic, and enthusiastic graphic artist, writer, and communicator with twenty years experience in creating effective, striking logos using digital processes; designing promotional items, graphics, and advertising for print and online media; maintaining web sites; writing press releases, brochures, newsletters, and ad copy; and designing weekly, monthly, and quarterly print and online publications.

Chris has over 20 years experience teaching in Christian schools. This background has served him well with dozens of church, parochial school, and religious organization clients.
We are happy to have him as part of the Rau Imaging team!

Graphic Design for Websites

graphic design illustrationA website goes through a number of phases as it is being developed. One of the most important steps is Graphic Design. During this phase a series of “wireframes” are produced which are like blueprints. Wireframes show the basic arrangement of the various elements of the website such as logo, navigation, animation etc. The wireframe, once approved form a basis of the graphic design from then on. From wireframes, the graphic designer creates a series of preliminary designs that illustrate elements, features, color schemes, etc. of the website. When approved, these layouts are converted to individual graphic elements that make up the actual pages of the website. Click Here for details of the website development process.

Examples of Graphic Designs By Chris Roth

Lost And Found Comes Alive CD Packaging

My relationship with the band Lost And Found (Michael Bridges and George Baum) goes back almost two decades. Although I’ve designed several posters, shirts, and CDs for them over the years (including their “Lost And Found Christmas Album” in 1999), my most recent work for them was designing the packaging for the “Lost And Found Comes Alive” double-disc set in 2012. Michael and George were looking for a design that called to mind the spirit of classic double-disc live recordings such as “Frampton Comes Alive” and “KISS Alive!” without having a retro look. The “flip book” look I created shows the band in an arena setting on one side and in a church setting on the other side of the CD package. Dozens of concert photos on the packaging and the placement of their iconic Slinky on the actual CDs make this a definitive package for what many consider to be the definitive Lost And Found recording.

Minnesota South District Convention Logo

For its 2012 District Convention Logo, the Minnesota South District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod was looking for a visualization of its “Free and Focused” them. The theme was mission focused, emphasizing “freedom to use every legitimate means to focus on the lost, the Gospel, and Jesus.” After submitting three different concepts that ranged from very contemporary to very traditional, this design was chosen. The butterfly shapes that emerge from the cross graphic suggest both freedom and new life in Christ. The “dots” represent those in the world who are “lost” and subtly create a feeling of focus as they change size. The cross shape was designed with a slightly contemporary feel that wouldn’t alienate the more traditional crowd.

Cross View Lutheran Church Identity Package

The new Cross View logo, designed in 2010, emphasizes the vision of Cross View to Connect, Grow, and Serve. Three color bars, or pillars, connect to symbolize the foundation for growth and service. To symbolize Cross View members growing in their relationship with Christ and others, the center bar expands. The cross visually suggests Cross View’s sanctuary cross, while the circle behind it subtly suggests a globe as a reminder to serve Christ and the world. Cross View’s leadership looked at almost a dozen different concepts that I prepared. Based on their preferences and suggestions, elements from several different designs were modified and combined to arrive at the final logo. In addition to using the logo on stationary, business cards, note cards, worship folders, promotional items, etc., related visual elements (including handmade paper textures and an enlarged cross watermark) are also regularly used in conjunction with the logo.

Jacob’s Well Web Banners

In 2011, I worked with Jacob’s Well in Minneapolis to develop series of web site banners that would tie in with their “What If…” sermon series. Jacob’s Well is self-described as “Church for People Who Don’t Like Church”, and church leaders were looking for a series of graphics that would be intriguing to those who don’t feel they connect with the traditional church experience. After meeting with leaders and brainstorming a variety of “What If…” taglines, I then created graphics that were designed to be bold, contemporary, and thought-provoking, encouraging people to “click here” and find out more.

Logo Designs

Over the last 20 years, I’ve designed dozens of logos for churches, schools, non-profit organizations, small businesses, and individuals. Strong logos should communicate key ideas about the organization or business, and I engage in a collaborative process with clients to be sure that their organization is visually represented in an appropriate, appealing, striking manner.