Graphic Design Services by Chris Roth

Chris Roth

Chris is a creative, energetic, and enthusiastic graphic artist, writer, and communicator with twenty years of experience in creating effective, striking logos using digital processes; designing promotional items, graphics, and advertising for print and online media; maintaining web sites; writing press releases, brochures, newsletters, and ad copy; and designing weekly, monthly, and quarterly print and online publications.

Chris also has over 20 years’ experience teaching in Christian schools. This background has made him uniquely qualified as he’s worked with dozens of church, parochial school, and religious organization clients.

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Graphic Design for Websites

As a website goes through numerous phases of development, the graphic design step is one of the most important. During this phase, a series of “wire frames” are produced. These serve as design blueprints, showing the basic arrangement of the various elements of the website such as logo, navigation, animation etc. Once the wire frame is approved, the graphic designer creates a series of preliminary designs that illustrate elements, features, and color schemes. These layouts are then converted to individual graphic elements that make up the actual pages of the website.

Graphic Design Services by Chris Roth

  • Logos and branding, including designs for logos, stationary, business cards
  • Web design services, including designs for layout, banners, icons, social media graphics, and email signatures
  • Print design services, including designs for flyers, ads, postcards, brochures, wearable's, posters, CDs, and publications.


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Lord of Life website
Lord of Life Church and Preschool
Logo and website design
Wayne Oquiin website
Wayne Oquin Composer
Logo and website design.
WBA website
Wildwood Business Association
Logo and website design.
Love Stands With
Richard Bruxvoort Colligan
CD packaging design for “Love Stands With” album.
Shine Viewbook
Concordia Academy
Design for high school admissions viewbook.
Generations Logo
Minnesota South District, Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
Logo design for “To All Generations” capital campaign.
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