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About Rau Imaging Inc.

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Rau Imaging, Incorporated is made up of the a team of professionals. Each team member has unique skills and abilities that they bring to this venture. In combination, we provide our clients with a wide range of website development, graphic design, photographic and video services.

Harold Rau


Harold has been a professional photographer since 1987 when he started a "stock photo agency." Over one hundred of his images have been published in a wide range of periodicals, advertisements and church bulletin covers. Over the years Harold has continued to develop his photographic skills and has won numerous awards for his photography. Click on Photography, to learn more about his work. (Other examples of his work: Fine Art and Published Books)

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Website Design

Harold began developing websites for clients in 1998. Over the years he has developed, hosted and maintained websites for a wide variety of clients including both for-profit and non-profit enities. Click on Website Design learn more and see samples of websites the Rau Imaging team have developed.

Chris Roth

Graphic Design

Chris Roth joined our team as a graphic designer in 2010. Chris has many years of experience in graphic design both as an educator and practitioner of the art. He is an important part of many of projects we undertake. To learn more about Chris and his work, click on this link. Graphic Design Or, visit his website and view his portfolio.