Photography Classes Offered

Getting to Know Your Digital Camera – One – twwomanwpscamerao hour session

Designed for the person that is new to digital cameras and photography.  The instructor will explain what the most commonly used buttons mean and how to set them.  We will go over the different Scene Modes in your camera and how to take control of the flash settings. During the class you will actually take some photos and shoot some video with your new camera. This will be hands-on class, so bring your camera and a fully charged battery.  Cost: $30


Help! My Photos Are Not What I Expected

An individual consultation for the person that is not getting the results they expected to get from their digital camera. We review samples of photos taken by the photographer, and based on the review of the samples, give advice on technique, camera settings and post processing methods needed. Cost: $15/hour.


Basic Photography  – Six – one hour sessions

This class will help take the mystery out of digital photography, help you have fun with your digital camera and take better pictures. The class is six one hour sessions and covers these topics: Understanding the basic functions of your camera. How to compose good photos. Understand and use light effectively. Using the “digital darkroom” in your computer. Sharing your photos with family and friends. Preserving a visual legacy of your photographs. Cost: $90


Travel Photography – Four 1 hour sessions and field trip

Maui SunsetThis class will help you bring back awesome travel photos from your next trip. The class consists of four – one hour sessions covering these topics: Preparation and planning, Composition – communicating within the frame of your photographs. Using any light to your advantage. Making photos not just taking photos. Many practical insights and examples will be shared from the instructor’s extensive domestic and international travels over the years. As part of the class, a “simulated” travel trip will be conducted to a location to practice the principles learned.  Cost: $70



Advanced Photography  – Five – 1-1/2 hour sessions

manwdlsrcameraThis class picks up where the Basic class leaves off. The student will venture off the “Auto” mode and learn how to maximize their creativity using the Program, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority and Manual camera modes.  The student will gain an understanding of Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO and see how these elements  form the “exposure triangle.” On and off camera flash techniques and flash modification techniques will be explored. Basic posing and portrait lighting will be demonstrated. In-class demonstrations and various field trip explorations will be used to give students practical application of each concept. A Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) or “mirrorless” camera is recommended but not essential. Cost:  $100.


Publish  a “Photo Book” – Five – one hour sessions

 Under the guidance of the instructor, the student will go through the process of publishing a photo book.  Each participant will: Decide on a theme or topic for their book.  Develop an outline for their book. Assemble and edit the photos for their book. Write the accompanying descriptions for the photographs. Layout their book via an online publishing software. Publish the book.  Cost: $75